don't forget to visit 
your dentist 2X a year.. 


Let's reset the tables on domestic violence.
A Memoir
by Glenn K Miller
crusin' third ave...
 etc.....friends and family doin's....
here we (hanagasa kai) are.. @  Brooklyn Botanic Garden's ...(BBG) .led by
momo suzuki, an amazing performer, teacher, and friend...
come see us dance, 

Can't get enough of the DPC ?
...which w/lead you to....

It's just peachy...check out this and other DPC videos.

Be Nice.
Photo: Cat Fisher
Sewing Classes for all levels....

Kids:I'm Ready to Sew
4-6 90-minute sessions

4-6  2-hour sessions

Workshops 3-4hr Sessions
Bootcamp..1 and 2 day Intensive

Individual and group options

Let's talk about it!
Honest Accomplice Theatre was asked to contribute with a short film on Gender/ can find it within the official training pages of NYC Commission on Human Rights...